Customized Marketing Plan: The Demand Playbook

A Demand Playbook created by DS is an actionable marketing plan for your business. The personalized strategies within the playbook are based on research about your company, customers, competitors, and even haters. 

The Playbook considers your customer's entire journey from acquisition to activation to recapture to revenue and then finds opportunities for customer retention and advocacy.  Included in your personalized playbook, you can expect to learn:

1. The WHAT, or what, marketing-wise is currently working for your company and competitors, and where there are areas of opportunity.

2. The SO WHAT, which describes why these opportunities are important and the potential business implications of each.

3. The WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT, in the form of a customized menu of marketing tactics prioritized by the potential impact on your business.

How do we build a playbook?

While we share the urge to jump in and launch growth strategies, the first step in building a playbook is the Demand Audit. It's essential that we leave no stone unturned as we develop a customized playbook of marketing tactics for your organization.

The 4 crucial elements of our Audit








From when someone enters the funnel to how they interact with your brand. We'll look at the various touchpoints and messaging.


Our team analyzes the data you are gathering from marketing, sales, and organic traffic sources,  how data is being gathered, what KPIs are being watched, and what technology is used across the customer journey.


We'll review your brand's position in the market regarding your target customers, your digital footprint, and your messaging to determine alignment and opportunities.


Differentiation is key to your brand's success. We'll compare your marketing approach to your competitors' to pinpoint white space and future growth opportunities.


"AARRRR" - A funnel-based framework that organizes insights uncovered in the research and guides our preparation of your playbook.


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We review your owned messaging and content and then measure it against what your competitors are creating.



We review the onsite experience for your brand and how it affects product or service consideration and purchases.

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We evaluate your monetization strategies. How are you making money vs. your competitors?



What strategies are you using to re-engage non purchasers who gave you their email, visited your site or landing pages or spoke to you at an event?

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What strategies are you using to retain your current customers?




In what ways are you building brand advocacy with your current customers?


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How DS can help your company do better

We help our clients achieve their business goals by understanding customer needs across the customer journey and marrying that journey to data.

We're obsessed with finding and creating a distinct, sustainable competitive advantage. We live to create the next big thing, and your brand might just be it. 

Business success starts with powerful partnerships.

"It didn’t really matter what was going on or how hard of an experience we were having or what kind of a challenge was put in front of us. Everybody, down to each individual person at DS, was ready and willing to figure it out and bring the thinking forward on a very personal level."

Christiane Paul 
ZENB CMO at Mizkan

Oct-24-2022 17-12-20

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